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ServeU, A Union Properties’ Subsidiary, Introduces Advanced Robots “Leo” And “Rex” For Major Project In Abu Dhabi

ServeU, a subsidiary of Union Properties and a leading facilities management (FM) solutions provider in the UAE, has integrated cutting-edge robots into its cleaning solutions, demonstrating the company’s commitment to innovation and environmental stewardship. The advanced robots, named “Leo” and “Rex”, have been successfully incorporated into one of ServeU’s esteemed projects in Abu Dhabi, signalling a revolution in the field of cleaning technology.

“Leo” and “Rex” are engineered to excel in a variety of cleaning tasks, such as mopping, washing, and scrubbing, among others. Beyond their functional capabilities, these robots stand out due to their ability to welcome and engage with guests in a friendly and intelligent manner, adding a personalized touch to the cleaning experience.

With ServeU adopting the new team members “Leo” and “Rex”, the two robots also contribute to operational efficiency by simplifying cleaning procedures, thereby reducing labour costs. Additionally, in alignment with the company’s environmental goals, “Leo” and “Rex” play a role in conserving resources by efficiently managing water and chemicals during the cleaning process. Through this innovative technology, Union Properties’ subsidiary ServeU, expects to significantly improve its client’s overall operational efficiency by 20 per cent.

Simon Roopchand, General Manager at ServeU, said, “As a company that places a high value on efficiency, we are delighted to offer our new user-friendly and personalised cleaning technology for businesses in the region. By incorporating the cutting-edge robots into our cleaning solutions,

we have once again reaffirmed our goal of setting new standards in the facilities management industry. The implementation of “Leo” and “Rex” also reflects our steadfast commitment to remaining at the forefront of technology and providing effective, sustainable, and customer- focused solutions.”

“ServeU, as a company, continues to remain committed to empowering its clients with unmatched services by incorporating smart, new-age technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence, Chat GPT and IoT. The development of robotics has transformed how several Middle Eastern industries function and make strategic decisions, and we are pleased to be leading this shift which will help propel our growth into the future,” he added.

The widespread implementation of robotic technologies is expected to benefit the nation’s UAE Robotics and Automation Program, which seeks to boost the GDP contribution of the robotics industry by 9 per cent by 2032.

Over the year, Union Properties’ subsidiary ServeU, has steadfastly contributed to the sector, providing a diverse array of customised FM services tailored to the unique needs of residential, commercial, hospitality, healthcare, and industrial properties.